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Well here I am again. I think this is my third attempt at keeping a blog in the last few years. Now I know what the problem is, this is me trying again, hopefully with some staying power this time.

So originally I began a blog for my art. There’s an interesting story about that – one I’ll save for another blog post. Then I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – that’ll also be another blog post. And then the two were married together when I was identified last year (2015) by Darold Treffert, a leading expert in savant syndrome, as having a savant skill in art. This also has its own amusing story that I’ll get to.

Now here I am attempting to try again. This time I know what I’m up against. I’m not lazy, useless and forgetful – I have some pretty serious executive function issues! I want this blog to be a wonderful mix of my experiences with being on the autism spectrum and my identity as an artist. I hope you’ll come along for the ride (between you and me, I could use the encouragement!)


Django of Cacharel, a Friesian stallion in graphite. Visit here for prints and gifts featuring this art.